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Online Learning - Guidelines for Parents

From Monday 11th January the following arrangements are in place for students...
Online Learning - Guidelines for Parents

Online Learning - Guidelines for Parents

For the coming weeks during school closure, all students will follow their normal timetable online except for 1st and 2nd years who will have half of their subjects each week - details below.

We use Google Classroom (GC) as our online learning platform. Our students are familiar and confident with it, so as parents, there is no need to worry about this transition. We will of course continue to offer them any support they need in using the technology during the school closure.

The online lesson is called a Google Meet (GM). The link for the Google Meet (GM) is permanently available in your son/daughter’s Google Classroom (GC). Their teachers have set up a Google Classroom for each subject.

Students have their Google Classroom (GC) log in details and are familiar with “My Digital Promise” and our video conferencing protocols (available to view here). It would be great if you could look at these with your son/daughter when you get a chance.

You can contact the Year Head by email or call the school if you have any problems with logging in (e.g. passwords).

Additional Educational Needs

Ms. McNamara coordinates learning in this area. She works closely with our trained AEN teachers, Special Needs Assistants and subject teachers who are involved in providing support.

If your son/daughter has additional needs you will receive a call from a member of Ms McNamara’s team on Monday or Tuesday to answer any questions you may have and work with you and your son/daughter to put a plan in place. This worked well during our last school closure.


Students should get up early every morning, have their device charged, have their journal, books, notes etc. for their subjects organised and be ready to start according to their usual timetable - just like school! Students will not meet their tutor in the morning except on Fridays.

Length of lesson

As learning online is tiring, every class will start at the usual time but the teacher will finish at 25 past the hour, i.e. online lessons will run from 08:40-09:25, 09:40-10:25, etc. The lesson will be no longer than 45 minutes.

What is an online lesson like?

During an online lesson, the teacher will be present and available but may not be talking all of the time. Lessons may be fully live “taught” lessons delivered through Google Meet (GM), they may include a pre-recorded video, or other materials and will generally involve time where students will be working on tasks or activities. As in face-face classes, there will also be opportunities to engage with other students.

If a teacher is unavailable a substitute will take charge of the lesson.


A roll call will be taken in each class. It is important to send a message to the teacher and Year Head if your son/daughter is unable to engage in an online lesson. We will be able to offer them support and help them catch up when the time is right.

Help is available

Lessons online are different to being in school and it will take a while to settle into the new routines.

Teachers, tutors and Year Heads are all ready to help. We also have teachers with expertise in different areas to support your son/daughter.

The Guidance and AEN departments, Fr Martin (who is acting as our school chaplain), Ms Carr (Home School Liaison), Jean Gilmore (School Completion) and Ms Coyne, Mr Dempsey and Ms Christian are all available.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch no matter how small your concerns may seem. Email is best and we can call you back if necessary. You can also phone the school and leave a message but due to the current situation, it may be difficult to get through.


At the moment, Physical Education is not included as a lesson but challenges will be set each week. More to follow on this!

TY, 5th & 6th years

Students will not have lessons in non-exam RE at the moment but are asked to check their RE Google Classroom for reflections, meditations and messages of support.

Students will have their timetabled Guidance class.

1st & 2nd years:

During the previous school closure, our 1st and 2nd years found it difficult to manage their learning with all the different subjects and teachers. To help with this, we have put in place a two week rotation, a BLUE week and a YELLOW week. Students will have half of their subjects each week at the usual time.

BLUE: English, Geography, Language/Option 2, Science, SPHE

YELLOW: Irish, Maths, History, Option 1, RE, CSPE

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Contact will be made on Sunday evening with a reminder of which subjects students will be focusing on for the week.

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