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What to Expect - September 2020


What’s new!

We will be wearing masks!

We will be 'social distancing' - staying 2 metres apart when we don’t have a mask on - for example when we are outside - and trying to keep 1 metre apart when our mask is on. And to help us remember we'll be hearing the phrase “Keep your distance” a lot!

We will be in the same classroom for most of our subjects except options, PE and settings. It is our 'base classroom' and we can make the room our own!

There will be frequent short breaks outside during the school day - so we can get some fresh air, move around and take off our masks for a few minutes.

There is a one way system around the school now, with plenty of signs to keep us walking on the right side, heading in the right direction.

And there'll be other signs to help us all remember about handwashing, wearing masks and social distancing.

And there'll be hand sanitiser everywhere - and disinfectant wipes so we can clean desks, chairs and workspaces after we've finished using them.

It will be 'one at a time' in the toilets, with the Covid Supervisor managing toilet visits.

There will be no lockers and no cloakrooms - so we'll be keeping our coats in our bags.

And we'll be trying to remember to bring everything we need to school because there will be no sharing of equipment - not even pens!

What’s not new!

There will be the same welcome, same care, same kindness, same expectations, same community!

And as always, we all have our part to play in making St Mark's a great experience, for each of us, for all of us - "If it is to be it’s up to me!"


PE uniform on PE days, full uniform the rest of the week.

You must wear a proper mask – the scientific research proves that bandanas, scarves etc do not work . Bring a spare mask in a plastic bag or box and have a plastic bag for your mask when you take it off during outside activities or breaks.

To help stop the spread of the virus, you must make sure that you are washing your hands properly.

We NEED your parent contact number so let your tutor know immediately if the number has changed.

And remember - you must not come to school if you are unwell or have symptoms of Covid – like a cough, high temperature, breathlessness or a loss of taste or smell.

Together we can do this!

Ms Coyne

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